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Richmond, Texas

Grout Repair available in Richmond, TX

Our Grout Medic technicians in Richmond, TX, are trained to evaluate your tile repair needs and perform the procedures professionally and courteously while exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves on being able to help Richmond, Texas, homeowners with the tile and grout cleaning, grout color sealing and caulking services needed.

Grout Repair

If your grout is suffering from damage, The Grout Medic of Richmond, TX, grout repair services can help. Small areas of damage occur due to heavy impact, poor grout mixture and application. Our technicians will diagnose and recommend grout repair for chips, cracks and missing grout. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning 

Store-bought cleaners can leave your tile and grout looking dull and lacking shine. Our services use stronger, pH-balanced solutions and equipment to penetrate the surface of your tiles. Our grout technicians have the proper tools and training to know which procedures are safe to perform on your tiles. 

Grout Color Sealing

After steam cleaning your tile and grout, our deep penetrating grout color seal is applied by hand to give your grout a new look. Protected from future staining, your new grout will be uniform and easier to keep clean. Grout color sealing penetrates deep within your porous grout to decrease future staining by preventing liquids, dirt and grime from developing before you can wipe them away. And while this is a great reason to have your grout color sealed, the most significant benefit is that The Grout Medic of Cypress, TX, can wipe away years of unappealing discoloration in one day!

Grout Repair in your Area

The Grout Medic of Richmond, TX, is the tile and grout restoration, market leader. The products and equipment utilized are the latest technology to bring your grout and tile back to life. Contact us for your free estimate today! 


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