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Recaulking Services

Keep Water From Seeping Behind Your Tiles and Damaging Your Home

Did you know that caulk has a very important purpose?  It provides a watertight seal between countertops, tubs, and shower seams. Caulk can deteriorate over time, and require replacing. While that may seem like a simple DIY project, it should be performed by a professional caulking contractor.  What are the benefits of The Grout Medic of Cincinnati recaulking services for your showers, tubs, counters, or backsplashes?  There are a few great reasons!

Why Is Recaulking Failing Caulk So Important?

shower recaulking

When caulk begins to deteriorate, it shrinks and separates from the surfaces to which it was applied.  Loosening caulk will allow water droplets and shower steam to collect beneath it.  This unwanted moisture can lead to mold and fungal growth, making your bathroom spa retreat an unhealthy space. If you or other family members have allergies or asthma, a disrupted caulk seal could cause irritation and sickness.  By providing a new watertight seal, our expert caulking contractors will help protect against any mold and fungus growth in the future.  What’s more, when we remove your failing caulk, we will apply an anti-mold treatment.

Recaulking Protects & Improves Aesthetics

Is your bathroom looking a little rundown?  Not only is it potentially harmful, but old, peeling, or stained caulk can be a real eyesore.  Our recaulking services offer a fresh new look to your tired bath’s appearance. No more hiding your bathroom behind closed doors when you have guests!  Your home will be more welcoming and enjoyable after we employ our expert recaulking to areas in need.

your bad shower caulking can be restored

Extend The Life Of Your Bath or Shower

Recaulking services will breathe new life into your showers and baths and extend the life of the area too! Aging, failing caulk is not just a nuisance, it can become a really big problem.  By quickly addressing your old caulk, The Grout Medic of Cincinnati will be removing remnants of mold and mildew around breached areas that have taken in moisture.  We will also be preventing further moisture seepage behind the surface, which can lead to eventual structural water damage.  Once your new caulk is professionally applied, you can rest assured that the life of your tub or shower area will be protected for years to come.

bath recaulking

If you have been looking around your home, wondering if it’s time to reacaulk, it probably is time.  Even the smallest area of disrepair can create an unhealthy bath or shower.  Don’t allow your failing caulk to put a damper on your bathroom, contact our caulking contractors for our thorough, quick, and professional services.  All you have to lose is dirt, mold, mildew, and unwanted moisture behind your caulk.

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