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Grout Color Sealing is Not the Same Thing as Grout Painting

Your grout color can be changed or enhanced, but should not be done so with paint. Grout painting is a common misnomer. Many of our grout color sealing clients refer to the service as grout […]

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Can grout be professionally cleaned?

Suffering from dirty grout, and find yourself cleaning more frequently? If you have found this blog by researching whether there are grout cleaning companies out in the world, welcome! Many of our clients have found […]

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Why is bathroom grout cleaning so important?

Grout cleaning and sealing is important for the whole home. Bathroom grout cleaning is just as essential to a happy and healthy home as grout cleaning in other parts of your home. Much like your […]

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Tips to Keep Your Tile in Good Condition

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities for you and your home. The beginning of the year is a great time to focus on new habits, including keeping your kitchen and bathroom tile in […]

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Preparing for Guests with a Home Audit

When the holidays are on the horizon, you might panic as you realize how cluttered or unprepared your home is for guests. There is much to do, like ensuring adequate seating, planning a menu, and […]

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