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Is grout cleaning worth it?

“Is grout cleaning worth it,” is common question we ask ourselves when we research service providers. The notion to do it ourselves runs strong today, with many how-to videos and blogs available online. Can we perform our own deep grout cleaning, and save money on hiring a pro? Sure. But will our DIY grout cleaning do the job right?

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Can you regrout tile without removing it?

We receive many questions about tile regrouting. This is a common query. Can you regrout tile without removing it? This can be answered in two ways. Yes, you can regrout tile without removing the tile. […]

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Grout Cleaning and Sealing Vs. Grout Color Sealing

Grout cleaning and sealing are great, but grout color sealing could further elevate your tiled surface’s appearance. Grout cleaning and sealing are core services here at The Grout Medic, and many interested home and business […]

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Why Choose a Professional Grout Resealer?

When it comes to your tile and grout work, it can be tempting to try to complete the project yourself. Most homeowners don’t realize that completing grout work the right way takes a lot of […]

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Grout Color Stain, Your Questions Answered

The Grout Medic receives many questions about grout color stain. As long-standing grout care and repair professionals, we would like to take this opportunity to answer some common color stain questions all in one place.  […]

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