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Grout Color Sealing Service With Grout Colorant

Specially formulated grout colorant will enhance your grout color or create a whole new aesthetic.

After your tile and grout have been cleaned, a deep-penetrating grout colorant will be applied by hand to give your grout a fresh new look.  Your grout’s color will be uniform, and your grout will be protected from future staining. It will even be easier to clean!

Freshen, Protect, and Enhance

Grout color sealing with specially formulated grout color stain will penetrate deep within porous grout to allay future staining by preventing liquids, dirt, and grime from setting up before it is opportune to wipe them away.  And while this is a great reason to have your grout color sealed, perhaps the biggest benefit is that The Grout Medic can wipe away years of unsightly discoloration in only one day!

Change your grout color with specially formulated .grout colorant

The grout color seal process will remove the appearance of existing stains. In moist, humid environs, sealed grout will help keep moisture from getting behind your tileCleaning your grout after sealing is easier too!  You need only a gentle, pH neutral cleaning solution and a soft rag or sponge to wipe contaminants off the surface of your sealed grout.  Sealed grout will look great longer than unsealed grout.

Healthy Grout Is Good For Your Wallet

Grout color sealing services will keep your grout healthier for longer too.  Grout that is unsealed is susceptible to wearing away quicker than sealed grout.  The Grout Medic can help you allay future cracking, crumbling, and grout discoloration.  Find a location near you today.

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