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How to Increase the Life of Your Tile

Many homeowners have dealt with grout at some point. You can find grout throughout the home as part of the kitchen backsplash, bathroom countertops, and tile flooring. When it’s new, it creates a stunning visual […]

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For a Shower Grout Cleaning Company Near Me, Trust a Grout Medic Near You

There are myriad shower grout cleaning products. You likely have more than one in your home right now. But for a shower grout cleaning company near me, choose The Grout Medic for guaranteed results. Our […]

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Grout Color Seal vs. a Grout Pen

Grout color seal seems a benign enough do-it-yourself task. As it pertains to grout color seal vs. a grout pen, The Grout Medic always recommends professional color sealing. Are grout pens readily available? Yes. Can […]

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Tile Replacement is Only Possible If You Have These Essentials

It can be said that we live in a world of surplus. Do you have surplus tile in case you need tile replacement?

Many U.S. families shop at stores, where they can buy in bulk. Whether it be groceries or household items, it’s nice to have back-up supplies in case we run out. What many do not realize is that when we build a new home, install new tile, or even wood flooring, we should buy more materials than will be required for the job.

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Turn Your Ho-Ho-Ho into Glow-Glow-Glow!

Call on your local Grout Medic to schedule your in-home tile and grout cleaning consultation today, and knock the Christmas stockings off your most discerning guests! If you are under the impression that you don’t have friends or family members that judge the cleanliness of your home, you are likely incorrect. Dirty grout and tile happen so gradually we hardly notice ourselves, but trust The Grout Medic – your guests will take notice! Our no-hassle tile and grout cleaning consultation and service visit process will get us in and out the door quicker than Santa himself.

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