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Grout Repair Services

Improve the Look of Your Existing Tile and Forego the High Costs of a Full Replacement

When it comes to grout, no mixture is everlasting.  Grout is the literal bond that merges your tiles into one surface and it must remain strong in order for your tiled surface to be so.  The integrity of your tile, no matter the location, is dependent upon the integrity of your grout lines, be they large or small.  If your grout has suffered a damage, The Grout Medic of Dayton grout repair services will make your tiled surface whole again.

Grout Repair vs. Regrouting

What is the difference between regrouting and repairing?  And how do you know which service you need?  Grout repair services will entail completely removing and reinstalling a section of new grout.  Many times, small areas of damage occur due to impact or perhaps a poor grout application or mixture.  If you have chips, cracks, or missing grout in a concentrated area, our technicians will recommend a repair.  If you have a large area of failing grout, we will recommend regrouting, which entails removing and replacing all your grout.

What If You Need Grout and Tile Repair?

If you have an area of grout and tile damage, we offer tile repair and tile replacement.  Whenever possible, we will recommend replacing a broken tile over repairing it, but if conditions call for a repair, we will work to reconstruct your tile at the same time we perform your grout repair or regrouting service.  If you have fresh tiles to re-install during your service call, we will be able to replace your damaged grout and tile.

Grout Repair and Tile Repair

Why Choose Repair Over A Full-Scale Project?

When compared to a full-scale tile replacement project, repairing your grout is a more cost-effective and time-saving service. For these reasons, our clients frequently prefer a simple repair to a larger, more expensive project. Furthermore, repairing grout allows you to keep the tile you love for a longer period of time. By extending the life of our clients’ tiled surfaces, we help to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills for longer. Our grout repair services are ideal if you want to save money, time, or the environment, or all three!

Grout Repair Services by The Grout Medic

Choose The Grout Medic

The Grout Medic of Dayton is a highly-specialized grout and tile care company.  Our services are built around the idea that tile should be nurtured and maintained to remain strong and beautiful for many years.  Our goal is to save families time and money by offering a suite of care and repair services that will allay the need for costly home improvement projects before their time.  Each Grout Medic location is locally owned and operated by extensively trained grout and tile professionals, whose goal is to provide the highest-quality customer service and exemplary results for every client.  Contact us online or by phone for professional services.

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