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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Grout Cleaning Process

People like to ask us questions about grout cleaning. It’s what we’re here for and at the Grout Medic we like to have the answers too. Some questions may have obvious answers such as ‘My grout is black does it need cleaning?’ Others can be a little a bit tricky, but with our experience and expertise, we usually get to the bottom of the problem.

With all this in mind, we’ve put together a short list of FAQs about our grout cleaning process; those Frequently Asked Questions which our clients pose and the answers we give in reply. Hopefully, you will find a solution or two to your problems, but if you don’t, please contact us directly.

A list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our grout cleaning process would look something like the following.

How Does the Grout Medic Clean the Grout?

We use steam technology to get deep into the grout and the tiles in the bathroom. The environmentally safe process kills the bacteria which builds-up over the years. The Grout Medic will not use dangerous chemicals, but we will leave the bathroom safe for you and the family to use.

Our technicians take time getting the job done, making sure your bathroom looks as good as new. There are no harmful aromas and the bathroom is safe to use immediately.

Can You Bring My Grout Back to Life?

The straight answer here is yes, we can. Grout is a porous substance. Over the years the grout soaks up all the moisture, product and dirt floating around your bathroom. The bacteria generated turns the grout black and unsightly. Grout Medic technicians use Green Vapor technology to steam clean the grout and bring it back to life before your eyes.

Will You Do Grout Sealing Too?

We will insist on it. Grout sealing is an essential part of the service we offer all our clients. Without a sealant on the grout, the process of soaking up everything from the damp air will begin again. In the blink of an eye, your grout will be black once more and you will not be happy with the Grout Medic.

There is no point in grout cleaning without doing the grout sealing.

Does the Grout Medic Clean Tiles?

Our cleaning process lifts the dirt from your tiles, just as it does the grout. Our trained technicians will work on the floor and wall tiles, bringing them back to life and restoring the bathroom fully to its former glory. The same steaming process we use on the grout lifts the dirt as we work. Grout sealing also protects the tiles if applicable in the future by preventing moisture from seeping underneath the surface and undermining the structure below.

What Other Services does the Grout Medic Offer?

We have the full package on offer. The Grout Medic does tile repair, often a better alternative to tile replacement. If tiles do need replacing, our professionals will do an excellent job. Grout cleaning is a service you know all about by now, but if the grout needs replacing we have the professionals to do the work. Color sealing will give your grout an overall look of cleanliness and freshness which will stay in place for many, many years.

A recent survey reports that 21% of people spent over $7,500 on a bathroom remodel.

Maybe some of them only needed a grout cleaning session?

At the Grout Medic, we offer all the cleaning services you may need to get your bathroom back to how you want it.

If you have any questions give us a call today.




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