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Don’t Replace — Regrout!

Very often the tiled surfaces in our homes or offices begin to look tired and worn not because they’re damaged or dirty, but because the grout surrounding the tiles is discolored, loose, or missing altogether. If that’s the case for large areas of a tiled surface, the net effect can be an unattractive appearance of the entire area — and it might be tempting to replace the tile itself. Fortunately, oftentimes replacement is not the answer — but a tile regrouting service is! At The Grout Medic, we’re experts at safely and effectively removing the old grout of a tiled surface and replacing it with a new and beautiful application. Read on to find out more about this process and its benefits.


Expertly Remove and Replace

Take a look around your home and you’ll likely notice plenty of tiled surfaces: in your kitchen, in your bathroom, and on your floors. Any one of these areas can become dated and tired-looking if its grout is compromised or neglected. Enter the experts at The Grout Medic and our tile regrouting service! Our courteous and knowledgeable technicians will arrive at your door fully prepared to get the job done right. They’ll safely remove and dispose of the old grout without causing any damage to the tile, and can apply clean grout to the area, making it look like new again. Regrouting not only refreshes the appearance of tile but creates a tight seal around each piece, protecting it against water damage and extending the life of your tiled surface. Most regrouting jobs can be completed in one day and don’t require you to stay off or not use the surface for long periods of time, making them a truly cost-effective and convenient way to improve the look of your home or office.


Plenty of Benefits

Regrouting a tiled area has many benefits. Not only will the surface look brand new again, but by regrouting the area, you’ll add new life to it, protecting it against damage, and adding value to your property. There are also health benefits that come with our tile regrouting service. Getting rid of old and damaged grout removes the mold and mildew that may accompany it, contaminants that can cause respiratory problems in children, seniors, and pets. A new application of grout also removes the need for harsh cleaning products, because you’re not trying to get rid of the mold and mildew that may have settled into the old grout. 


Lastly, of course, regrouting saves you all the money you’d otherwise have to spend replacing the tiled surface entirely, and for most folks, that’s all they need to know to take advantage of a tile regrouting service. Saving money, adding value, beautifying your home or office, and making it a safer place to be — all these reasons are why so many property owners are wisely choosing The Grout Medic to regrout rather than replace!

If you’d like to find out more about our suite of services, including regrouting, get in touch today!