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Why is My White Grout Turning Brown? How do I fix it?

The Grout Medic will assist you in getting your white or grey grout looking new again. Discolored grout has numerous causes.

Let’s talk about the color of your grout.  Not the color it’s supposed to be, but the color it has become over time.  If you have tiled surfaces in your home, you might have noticed that your grout color has taken on a brownish hue, which sticks around even after regular cleaning.

Why is my grout turning brown?

Why is your white or light grey grout turning brown?

Let’s begin by talking about how it is possible for grout to change color.  You see, grout is a super-porous material.  Like a sponge, particularly in high-use areas, such as floors and showers, it absorbs water and dirt particles that come in contact with it.  It’s more than that, though!

Everyday tile and grout cleaning can turn your grout dingy brown

This might sound strange, but regular cleaning of your tiled surfaces is part of the reason your grout is turning brown.  When we mix household cleaners and detergents with water to clean our tile and grout, we contribute to the dinginess we see.  First, the water and detergent mixture works to embed surface grime deep into the pores of our grout.  Secondly, when the water and cleaner dry, they actually seal in the dirt that has been embedded by regular wiping and scrubbing during our cleaning ritual.

Is your grout turning brown?

Damp showers produce brown grout even more than other areas

In our showers, dampness further produces grout discoloration.  Not only will our cleaning procedures contribute to the penetration of surface contaminants, but the wet environment is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  You might notice that your grout turns brown much quicker in your shower than any other area of your home.  This could mean that mold spores and mildew are setting up deep within your grout.

The Grout Medic offers solutions for your browning grout

The good news is, The Grout Medic can handle your browning grout.  Depending on the level of change required to get your grout to its intended color, we offer three professional solutions.

Grout cleaning

Our GREEN grout cleaning service is the simplest solution for your dingy grout problems.  With our hot water, low-pressure vapor grout cleaning process, you will see embedded dirt, mold, and mildew forced out of the pores of your grout.  You won’t believe the difference our professional grout cleaning can make for your high-traffic tiled surfaces!

Grout color sealing

After cleaning your grout, if you still desire a color change, The Grout Medic offers professional grout color sealing.  Color sealing is not like painting your grout (which you should never do).  Our grout color seal is specially formulated to seep into your porous grout, delivering a new color plus protection against future dirt build-up and staining.


It’s not your fault.  Sometimes, grout is too aged to bring fully out of its dingy brown appearance.  For clients with grout that is too far gone for revival, The Grout Medic’s regrouting service is the perfect solution.  Our grout and tile specialists will remove all your old grout, and replace it with beautiful new grout, which is formulated to resist future browning and dinginess.  With our regrouting service, you will no longer have to hide dingy tiled surfaces from guests.

If your tile’s grout is becoming severely discolored, The Grout Medic can help! Call us today for a free, in-person consultation. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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