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How do I know if I need to regrout my shower?

Often, our clients are unsure whether they truly need a professional grout cleaning, or if their shower requires regrouting.  So, how do you know if you need to regrout your shower?

As grout ages, it begins to show wear.  Whether your shower is looking old and dingy with embedded stains that just won’t come out, or if your grout is starting to loosen and crack, The Grout Medic’s regrouting service will make your shower look new again.  We can tell you if it’s time to clean or regrout your shower with a custom consultation.

when to regrout your shower

How do I know if I need to regrout my shower for sure?

If your grout is badly stained, The Grout Medic’s professional grout cleaning service could bring those stains out.  If your grout has years of built-up, embedded staining, mildew, and mold, your shower is first a candidate for our deep grout cleaning.  If there is a stain that can be gotten out, our low-pressure, high-temperature cleaning system and pre-treatment will loosen and remove it.  However, if the stains in your shower are too much, even for our superior cleaning procedures to rectify, you will know that it’s time to regrout your shower.

If your grout is crumbling and your tiles are loose, it’s time to regrout your shower.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of regrouting a shower, which is so badly soiled, that it cannot be renewed with cleaning, regrouting is more often for showers with crumbling grout and loose tiles.

how do i know when to regrout my shower

If you are seeing damage to your grout and tiles like the photo above, it is time to regrout your shower now – and likely has been for a while.  Regrouting needs to be done at the first sign of grout damage.  The longer showers are left with failing grout, the better the chance that water damage is occurring to the wall behind your tile.  The area of damage does not have to incur direct water spray during baths or showers to allow water seepage.  Water that sits on the surface of tiles from shower spray or heavy steam will inevitably run behind the broken areas of your grout.  Calling The Grout Medic to assess your shower at the first sign of grout failure will save you time and money over potential water damage repairs.

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If you are uncertain as to whether your grout is keeping water from seeping into your home’s walls, it’s time to call a grout professional, immediately. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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