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Can you seal grout and tile at the same time?

You can seal grout and tile together.

It is possible to seal grout and tile at the same time. And while tile and grout sealer can be one and the same product, this is not always the case.

Can you seal grout and tile and the same time?
Grout and tile can be sealed at the same time, but not always with the same product.

Can I use tile sealer on grout?

There are tile sealers on the market that are also formulated to use on grout. Always read the product description and instructions to ensure that you can use an all-in-one sealer. It is imperative that grout sealant be utilized on grout, and tile sealer be used on tile. If you find a product, which stipulates that it may be used on both surfaces, it should be safe to use one sealer for both surfaces.

Can you use tile sealer on grout?
Can you use tile sealer on grout?

There are two standard varieties of sealers – penetrating and non-penetrating. By and large, penetrating sealer is preferred. What is the difference in penetrating and non-penetrating tile sealer? The non-penetrating variety of tile sealer will leave a visible coating on the surface of your tile. These might be used to leave your tile with a sheen. Penetrating sealer should always be used to seal grout, because it will get into your grout’s pores to amply protect it from water, germs, and debris.

Do I need to seal my tile?

Putting sealer on tile is not a foregone conclusion. Not all types of tile needs to be sealed. Through the years tile manufacturers have evolved and many types of man-made tile mimics the aesthetic of natural stone. The good news is, you can have the look of natural marble without having to seal your tile periodically. But if you have slate, travertine, marble, or granite tiled surfaces, you will want to have those professionally sealed every few years. More often if your tile is in a high-traffic area or inside a shower environment.

Can new grout be sealed immediately?

Any new grout application can be sealed after it is allowed to cure for 48 hours. You would not want to put grout sealant on until after this time has elapsed. It is also unwise to apply grout sealant to dirty grout. The first issue is that you could be sealing in contaminants. Secondly, your grout sealer will not last as long if it is applied to dirty grout lines. For best results, call on the pros at The Grout Medic to thoroughly clean and seal your grout. We can seal your natural stone tile too!

Should I seal my own grout and tile?

If you want professional grout sealing results, we always recommend hiring a pro grout sealer. Not only is sealing grout a tedious affair, a professional will be able to identify potential areas of concern before recommending sealing. If your tile is aged, it should be professionally cleaned and sealed. If it is new, The Grout Medic can come in and seal your grout to help keep it protected for up to two years between reapplication.

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The Grout Medic can seal your grout and tile for professional results.

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