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Welcome to The Grout Medic.

At The Grout Medic of Charlotte, we believe in keeping things simple.

Our promise to you is that we will bring your grout and tile back to life through the work we perform on it. We are a tile and grout cleaning company dedicated to delivering only quality results and customer service.

Charlotte is a city that tops the population numbers in the entire state of North Carolina. It is situated in Piedmont, which is a plateau region in the US and is the county seat of Mecklenburg County. Charlotte is continuously growing faster and is even dubbed as the quickest growing metro area thanks to the enormous increase in its new residents between 2004 and 2014.

The city is the second largest in the southeastern part of the country and is now ranked as the third when it comes to the developing cities in the United States. Charlotte is home to several big names in the financial industry with banks dominating the city. At the same time, it has plenty of notable attractions, including the Carolina Panthers (NFL), NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, and the Charlotte Ballet. It is also where two NASCAR Cup Series races are held.

With many things to do in the area, you may find it difficult to finish or even carry out your household chores. There is no need to panic because the Grout Medic is here to provide you with extensive grout services. Our aim is not only to keep your grout clean but also your tiles sparkling so you can have a home that you will indeed be proud of.

The City of Charlotte and Its Residents

Some grout and tiles become discolored over time, and there are even cracks as a result of the damage. Charlotte has a pleasant climate and enjoys four distinct seasons. However, there are almost 60 nights every year that go below freezing point. In some months, the city gets very dry. Summers are hot and can have ample precipitation all throughout the year.

Although the temperatures are mostly consistent, the locals know the weather conditions can affect their grout and tiles. Thankfully, The Grout Medic can provide the services they need to keep their homes clean. Our experts may only clean your house once to a few times, but these procedures will surely beat the results of those that tidy up their grout regularly.

Say Goodbye to Accumulated Dirt and Discolored Grout

Most of the common problems with grout and tile are stains. Our experts typically notice that the grout become discolored even when the homeowners guarantee that they clean the area several times a week. If you have the same situation, we will help you determine the cause.

Usually, it has something to do with the products you are using. Most residents use strong products because they believe the chemicals will remove the issues. On the contrary, they only contribute to the discoloration and may even result in grout damage. If left untreated, your tiles will eventually break, and you will have to reinstall them.

No matter what your grout and tile service requirements are, we have professionals that will not only clean but will also revive those dying tiles. After every procedure, we promise your tiles and grout will look brand new.

For homes and commercial facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Grout Medic provides reliable services for grout and tile cleaning. We serve the areas of Concord, Bowling Green, and the city of Charlotte among others. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

There are many benefits of contracting The Grout Medic for all your tile and grout cleaning needs in Charlotte, NC. Whether you’re looking into buying, selling, or just trying spruce up your property, we can help you to make your tile and grout shine as it did the day it was first put in.

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Client Testimoninals

Bobby Hendrix
Bobby Hendrix
March 31, 2022.
Ryan Bratz from Grout Medic came out to our house to do some grout repair. He did a great job! He informed me of what he was going to do and walked me through the process. He was very professional, respectful, and punctual. I will/would use the services of Ryan and grout medic again!
Tara W
Tara W
March 20, 2022.
I don't always write reviews, but when it comes to trusting a company to be in and perform work in our homes, I feel that it is incumbent on us all to make a recommendation or conversely, to warn our neighbors not to hire them. I would highly recommend The Grout Medic to anyone, and I will be calling them any time our grout and tile require service. The entire process was a breeze, and Chris, Jimmy, and Ryan made our experience 100% positive! Now, for the whole review. Our house is five years old, and we pretty quickly realized that our fixed drain cover was going to give us trouble when our drain required cleaning. The grille holes were so small that snake-like tools were even too large to get into them. One tool we did find was small enough going down, but we couldn't pull it back out with hair attached (I know, eww!). We resorted to chemical cleaners, which were not ideal in our pet-friendly home. Then, we noticed calcium scale build-up to boot. It was time to call SOMEONE. After doing a bit of research online, I found The Grout Medic of Charlotte. I read about their grout repair, and became further interested, because the perimeter of our shower floor had cracked grout where our home had settled. I submitted a form after hours, but received a call back within moments! I scheduled our FREE consultation for about a week later. Our Consultant, Chris, showed up on time, and was very professional throughout. He scrutinized the entire shower and offered insight into what could be done. We were relieved to find out that even though our grout was broken, our home's structure was still protected. He explained that we could have our grout repaired if the aesthetic was bothersome, but our shower was not leaking. Wow, an honest answer without trying to upsell us! I asked about cleaning and sealing, because our grout had never been sealed, even when the tile was installed. Chris told us that he would recommend those services to protect our grout from staining and potential mold or mildew. He took one look at our drain and offered a solution. They would remove the drain cover and clean the grime and calcium build-up and replace the drain cover in a manner that would allow us to access the drain for regular cleaning. After he took measurements, we had a complete quote in-hand. Afterwards, we received an email that allowed us to accept the quote and get a call back to schedule our appointment. The owner, Jimmy, called a couple of days later and we were scheduled. Easy peasy! Our technician was Ryan, and he courteously called ahead the morning of our service. He graciously accommodated our need for an additional 30 minutes to prepare for his arrival. Ryan arrived with a smile on his face and we really enjoyed having him in our home. He was professional, thorough, and executed his tasks to our standards. He noticed that our shower's threshold had never been grouted where it meets the tile floor outside the shower, and he took care of that for us. The glass on our half-wall needed new silicone (We were going to do this ourselves.), and he applied that too! Altogether, we had gout cleaning and sealing, grout repair, drain cleaning, and recaulking/silicone application - and we are more than pleased with all of it!
Danielle Raj
Danielle Raj
November 29, 2021.
If you have a need for tile/grout repair and/or cleaning, these are the guys to use! Jimmy came out and did a detailed quote for a very large project at our home including all the bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, and the foyer. He made sure to break it into three parts so we were never without a bathroom to use (Monday - Thursday - Monday). He was very knowledgeable and helpful, and it was easy to access the quote and to schedule the work. It is evident that he cares about the work his company does by the people he hires and by the time he spends with you. Chris and Ryan came for all three days, which I appreciated. For each project, they showed up on time, they stayed to work the entire day, and they made sure I was happy with the work they completed. They were very professional, they cleaned up, they paid special attention to the problem areas, and they were respectful of my time, my home, and my family. It was evident that they cared about doing a good job and fixing problem areas and not just making it look good on the surface to make a quick buck. It was truly a pleasure to work with these guys, and I would totally use them again in the future.
Katey Balikian
Katey Balikian
August 28, 2021.
I had Chris come out to clean some grout that had been painted a long time ago and looked terrible. The results were over and above my expectations, since this project was a tricky one. Chris worked so hard, stayed late on a Friday to get the job done, and he even waited until I got home from work to ensure that I was happy with the job he had done. The quality and customer service were excellent!! I love my floors now!
Geoff Palmer
Geoff Palmer
April 24, 2020.
Jimmy did a phenomenal job! He is meticulous and didn't stop working until everything was perfect. Our bathroom looks brand new! Amazing!
Kirsten Hall
Kirsten Hall
February 29, 2020.
I had gotten several people to come quote on re-grouting vs color sealing the kitchen and utility room floor. Jimmy was informative of the pros and cons of both and gave great recommendations. His crew was on time, professional and did great work replacing broken tiles and color sealing the existing grout. My kitchen and utility room floors look brand new for a fraction of the cost of retiling. I would recommend Grout Medic if you need any grout or tile work done.
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