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Unless You Have the Necessary Tools and Expertise, Leave Your Tile Re-Grouting to The Grout Medic

Tile re-grouting is an in-depth process that requires the correct tools, as well as the correct type of grout. Leave re-grouting to the professionals at The Grout Medic.

Some write, “tile re-grouting,” others write, “regrouting.”  There is no right or wrong way to spell it.  There is a right way to do it.  If you are finding any tiled area in your home disparaged by old, crumbling, or discolored grout, The Grout Medic wants to be your first choice for a tile re-grouting company.  We’ve got what it takes to bring your tiled surfaces to rights with professional service and expert re-grouting technicians.

tile re-grouting company The Grout Medic

Tile re-grouting results by The Grout Medic

As a tile re-grouting company, we have the essentials for professional results.

Even the handiest of handymen and handywomen can encounter great difficulty when working with grout and tile.  No matter the number and types of tools you have in your workshop, The Grout Medic urges you to think twice before considering performing a tile re-grouting project on your own.  Avoid DIY nightmares by talking with The Grout Medic about our grout and tile specialized services, including regrouting.  Tools are only part of the equation.  Our grout and tile specialists are trained and experienced to deliver beautiful and safe regrouting results.  Many of our franchise owners and their employees have lengthy tile industry backgrounds.  On top of that, The Grout Medic offers comprehensive training in removing grout the right way.  The results achieved by our specialists are half art, half science, and 100% guaranteed.

tile re-grouting company grout medic

Proper tile re-grouting requires more than the right tools.

Choosing the right grout for your project is essential.

All grout mixtures are not created equal.  Many become inundated with all of the information they receive about grout at the local hardware store.  The store associate approaches to ask about the type of project you’re doing. They tell you how this type of grout must be used for grout lines of this size.  They tell you that grout is necessary for tile on a vertical surface.  They inform you about your choice of standard grout colors per brand.  Do you want arctic white or cool white?  Who knew all these decisions go into choosing the proper grout?  The Grout Medic will ensure the best regrouting result by applying the best grout mixture and color to use for your project.

Why is proper re-grouting so important for your home?

There are a few factors that weigh into the true need for proper regrouting, even for small tiled spaces.  While complete removal of the old grout is necessary, what is also necessary is removing the grout without harming the tile edge.  The quickest way to achieve a terrible result is by chipping away a piece of your beautiful tile.  What’s more, that tile could become weakened by a small nick, which will eventually lead to a tile replacement or tile repair project.  Good news is, The Grout Medic can help you with that too, but isn’t it better to avoid spending more time and more money in the end?  That defeats the purpose of tackling DIY home improvement in the first place – it’s almost always about saving money over hiring a professional.

The Grout Medic, tile regrouting company

Avoid broken tiles by hiring The Grout Medic.

Proper grout removal is also necessary for reapplying grout to your tiled surface.  If all of the old grout is not removed, a proper seal will not be achievable.  This is especially important when it comes to showers, tub surrounds, and high-traffic floors.  An improper grout adherence could eventually lead to water seepage through tiny breaches in the grout.  You might not think that small cracks that eventually form on the surface of your grout can cause such trouble, but we have seen many instances of deteriorating grout leading to larger water damage repairs in baths and showers. Just another important reason to leave all your tile regrouting projects to The Grout Medic, your local grout and tile care and repair specialists!

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For all your tile re-grouting needs, rely on the local professionals at The Grout Medic. After all, we’re your premier tile re-grouting company. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!