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Grout Color Sealing Transforms Your Tiled Surfaces at a Fraction of the Cost of Re-Grouting

Grout color sealing is a highly effective method of completely changing the appearance of your tiled surface. Even better, we can complete the project in just one day.

Let’s discuss our overriding desire for instant gratification in the Internet age.  We can stream movies at will.  We can buy products online and have them delivered the same day.  We can run to the store and load up on do-it-yourself tools to perform various home improvement projects at the moment we are ready to begin.  There are negative aspects relative to our need for instant results, however.  When it comes to caring for your grout and tile, The Grout Medic urges you not to rely on your need for instant results.  We offer two ways to change the appearance of your grout.  Grout color sealing and re-grouting.  If your grout is not damaged, we highly recommend our professional grout color sealing for an updated look.  It’s less expensive than re-grouting and will achieve the same result!

Grout Color Sealing: Before, During, and After

For grout color sealing results like these, trust only The Grout Medic.

Why hire us when you can buy a grout pen?

We’ll use another analogy.  You can purchase a Tide pen to get a food stain out of your shirt, but would you wash a load of laundry with a stain pen?  No, because that is not the intended use.  The same goes for a grout pen.  They can function in a pinch to touch up an area of discoloration.  This is not to say that they will function perfectly even for touch-ups.  Grout pens are not fail-proof answers to discolored grout.  There is a level of potential human error that comes into the equation also.  A lot of users of grout pens have found that the color staining solution runs onto their tile.  This is not a huge problem if you clean it up immediately.  But what if you don’t see it until much later?  You will need to call on the professionals to help get the stain off your tile.  If it’s been on too long, you might find that you have to hire The Grout Medic to replace the affected tile.  Would you risk using a grout pen on an entire tiled surface like this?  No?  We wouldn’t either!

Before and After Grout Color Sealing, Grout Color Seal

Don’t use a grout color stain pen on your entire surface.

How much difference can our grout color seal make for your tiled area?

The Grout Medic can change your grout color a little or a lot!  We can freshen up your original grout color or we can drastically change it, like the project you see below.  The trained and experience grout color staining technicians at The Grout Medic can change your grout color from dark to light, or from light to dark.  Our deep penetrating grout color stain goes beyond the surface of your grout to revitalize or change the color of your grout lines, giving your entire tiled area a completely rejuvenated appearance.  Know what’s even better than that?  With one short in-home consultation, we will provide you with the total cost for your project.  We will return to complete your grout color staining project in only one day.  It’s the next best thing to instant gratification, and eons better than attempting it on your own only to get poor results!

Grout Color Sealing: Before, During, and After

Trust The Grout Medic to get your grout color sealing done FAST.

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If you’re looking to update your tiled surfaces’ appearance, grout color sealing is an excellent choice. We’ll completely transform the appearance of your tiled surface – in just one day! Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!