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Grout Repair is Harder Than it Sounds

For proper grout repair, it’s imperative that you have the correct tools, as well as the correct type of grout to fill in the new spots where applicable.

Call on The Grout Medic for grout repair!
Grout repair requires professional attention.

Grout repair is more difficult than it might seem, even though grout takes up less space than tile.  We look at small grout lines, and assume that only a small repair effort is required.  In fact, those small grout lines are a big part of what makes grout repair and re-grouting difficult.  It takes absolute precision to remove the old grout.  And though many a DIY homeowner has tried to install tile, even applying grout can be tricky.  Grout haze, for instance, is a common issue with self-installing tile or repairing grout.  The Grout Medic recommends calling in the professionals for your next grout project.

What tools are required for tile grout repair and re-grouting?

The lack of expertise is not the only issue with attempting to repair grout on your own.  There are many tools required to perform a repair or re-grouting project.  Most homeowners do not have these tools – even those, who have performed home improvement projects in other areas of their homes.  Do you have the proper tools, or have you any experience using them?

  • Reciprocating saw for grout removal
  • Shop vacuum for getting all grout remnants from the surface
  • Grout float (rubber, not a metal trowel)
  • Eye protection, face mask for grout dust
  • Striking tool for perfecting grout corners
  • Sponge for wiping away excess grout (to avoid grout haze)
  • Paint brush for grout sealing after curing
professional grout repair and regrouting
Trust The Grout Medic for your re-grouting projects.

Do you know which grout to use?

Also often overlooked, is buying the correct type of grout.  Not only should your grout be a premium grade, it should be chosen based on the size of your grout lines and the location of your tile (floor vs. wall, for instance).  Your choices in grout include two types of sanded (fine and quarry-type), unsanded, and epoxy.  There are also applicable mixing and storage procedures specific to your outdoor environment, like in desert-like weather.  Re-grouting projects are never just about choosing the color of grout you want, and adding it to your tile.  This is one more reason that you should only trust the professionals to perform a full-scale grout replacement, or smaller-scale grout repair or patching procedure.

professional grout repair
Professional grout repair by The Grout Medic

Please leave your grout repair to the professionals. It’s a service we provide every day of the week, all year long! We have the necessary equipment, as well as the experience and expertise to perform the job correctly, the very first time. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!