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Grout Haze, a Common Hazard of DIY Regrouting

Grout haze occurs as a result of waiting too long to wipe grout from your tiled surface. Call The Grout Medic if you’re seeing this problem.

We don’t mean to make a premature call and say that your DIY regrouting project will result in grout haze.  Many of our grout cleaning clients started out as well-meaning do-it-yourselfers, though.  We would be remiss to leave the topic of potential grout haze off the table.  As go-to grout and tile care specialists, The Grout Medic truly wants what is best for your tile.  Waiting too long to wipe grout could result in unsightly grout haze.

Don't wait too long to wipte grout.

Don’t wait too long to wipe off grout!

How long is too long to wait to wipe grout?

The Grout Medic’s regrouting professionals will work quickly and effectively to clean off excess grout during any regrouting project.  A good rule of thumb is to clean as you go, working in small sections.  This is especially important if the grout application is slow-going.  Optimally, no more than 30 minutes should pass for the initial wiping off of excess grout.  This process must be performed gently with a wet grout sponge during regrouting.  Once the grout application is complete and excess grout removed, there will be a second waiting process.  Ideally, the final wipe-down will take place after the grout has been allowed to cure for 24 hours.  However, grout haze could still potentially be removed within a few days.  When it becomes impossible to remove with a sponge, it’s time to call The Grout Medic for tile cleaning to eliminate the grout haze.  Never try to remove hardened grout or grout residue from your tile with metal tools or scouring implements.

The Grout Medic will help you avoid grout haze.

We’re not saying you can’t successfully perform a regrouting or tile replacement project on your own.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your grout installation has been done correctly?  By calling on The Grout Medic for tile regrouting, you can avoid the possibility of having grout haze left on your tile.  In the end, you could save a lot of time and money having your project professionally done.  This will eliminate the need for a professional cleaning to remove grout residue from your new tile.  It will also protect you from other potential DIY pitfalls, such improper grout removal or using the wrong type of grout for your project.

Waiting too long to wipe grout causes grout haze.

Avoid grout haze altogether by calling The Grout Medic for professional regrouting.

If you’d like to avoid the possibility of grout haze altogether, all you have to do is call The Grout Medic, as our consultation is 100% free! Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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