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What cleans floor grout best?

Doesn’t it seem like one day your floor grout is clean, and the next day it’s dirty and stained?

Busy homes and busy lives produce such a phenomenon.  We never seem to notice our floor grout becoming slightly degraded.  It usually hits like a ton of bricks, which encourages us to immediately seek methods to get it back to rights.  Fortunately, if you are in search of what really cleans floor grout best, we have a few suggestions for not only cleaning your floor grout, but keeping it cleaner for longer too!

Floor Grout Cleaning: Before

Dirty floor grout stands out – and not in a good way!

What is not so great for floor grout cleaning?

It might be difficult to believe, but part of the reason your floor grout becomes so deplorable could be your everyday cleaning methods.  Mop-and-bucket cleaning is somewhat an antiquated solution to dirty floors.  Not only do mops hold onto dirt and contaminants between uses, but the dirty water produced during mopping doesn’t do your floor’s grout any favors either.  Your mop could be cross-contaminating your floors as you are attempting to clean them!  Next to that, the strong floor cleaning products that we often use, can be much too harsh for large-scale, everyday use.

What is fantastic for cleaning grout on your floors?

Steam, glorious steam!  Over the last decade or so, steam mops have hit the scene.  These mops have given us a much more effective method for cleaning hard-surface floors.  With removable pads, we no longer have to worry with cross-contamination brought about by traditional mops and buckets.  There is also the fact that we can disinfect our floors without the use of cleaning chemicals.  Those are two huge benefits of steam mops.  But for professional floor grout cleaning, The Grout Medic provides so much more!

Floor Grout Cleaning: After

Professionally cleaned and sealed floor grout by The Grout Medic.

Professional floor grout cleaning services also use steam.

Our green grout cleaning machine cleans deeper than a steam mop.  And while steam mops are recommended for every day floor cleaning, The Grout Medic recommends a professional grout cleaning at least every two years.  However, you might find that your high-traffic floors require it a bit more often than that.  Our steam cleaning machine offers a low-pressure blast of disinfecting steam, which pushes into your grout’s pores to loosen and remove embedded dirt and stains.  On floors, this means everything from mud, food spills, and pet accidents to skin oils and skin cells from bare feet.  Your grout will be wonderfully clean and we can help it stay that way.

After your professional grout cleaning service, we offer a deep-penetrating grout sealer, which will create a protective layer between your grout and all the contaminants we mentioned above.  This barrier will remain intact between professional cleanings, so long as your everyday cleaning ritual doesn’t include harsh chemicals or scrub brushes.  You will also find that your grout will be easier to clean, because dirt and other contaminants will lie on the surface instead of seeping in, as they would without the grout sealer.

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