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Shower Grout Repair vs. Shower Regrouting

Healthy shower grout is essential to the health of your home.

Shower grout repair and shower regrouting are two of our core service offerings for that reason. Healthy shower grout prevents water from seeping behind your tile. When water penetrates your tiled surfaces, your home can suffer mold and structural damage over time. And because it happens gradually, you will not realize that the damage is even occurring until it’s too late. That is why The Grout Medic partners with clients to ensure their shower grout remains healthy for life.

shower regrouting vs. shower grout repair
Healthy grout promotes a healthy home.

Do you need shower grout repair?

Shower grout repair is possible when only small areas of grout are in disrepair. It is normal for grout to erode irregularly, because grout in different areas undergoes different levels of impact. For instance, the wet areas of your shower might require regular cleaning more often than areas that tend to stay dry. Over time, the grout with greater water and cleaning exposure might require repair. The Grout Medic can provide that service. But that’s not all.

shower grout repair vs. shower regrouting
Small areas of shower grout can be repaired.

Your might need complete shower regrouting.

The Grout Medic’s trained grout and tile professionals will assess the condition of your shower grout to determine if your grout can be repaired, or if you will require a complete shower regrouting. These technicians are not there to up-sell you on a more extensive and costly service. They are there to prescribe the best care for your shower tile and your home. And even though tile regrouting is more time-intensive, The Grout Medic can complete the service in only one visit in most cases.

Search for shower grout repair near me and choose The Grout Medic.

The Grout Medic is here to care for your grout and tile with a full suite of specialized services, including shower grout repair and regrouting. Get in touch with us today by filling out our form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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