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Category: Grout Cleaning

Is grout cleaning worth it?

“Is grout cleaning worth it,” is common question we ask ourselves when we research service providers. The notion to do it ourselves runs strong today, with many how-to videos and blogs available online. Can we perform our own deep grout cleaning, and save money on hiring a pro? Sure. But will our DIY grout cleaning do the job right?

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How often do I need professional tile and grout cleaning?

Considering calling The Grout Medic for grout cleaning and sealing? For those, who have never taken advantage of our grout and tile care and repair services, it might be unclear how often they should schedule […]

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Not Simply Grout Cleaning Near Me, a Trusted Tile & Grout Cleaning Company

Perhaps you found us by searching for grout cleaning near me. Here’s why you should choose The Grout Medic for all your tile and grout cleaning needs. These days, nearly everyone begins their search for […]

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What cleans floor grout best?

Doesn’t it seem like one day your floor grout is clean, and the next day it’s dirty and stained? Busy homes and busy lives produce such a phenomenon.  We never seem to notice our floor […]

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How to Know if Your Tile Needs Grout Repair or a Simple Cleaning

If grout discoloration makes you think that it’s time for grout repair, there may be a cheaper option. Discolored grout is unsightly at the very least.  The porous nature of grout makes it susceptible to […]

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