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Is there anything that really cleans grout?

There are many choices for your grout cleaning needs.

But is there anything that really cleans grout better than all the rest. Are there grout cleaners or methods that you should avoid?

What really cleans grout?
What really cleans dirty grout?

There are good cleaners available for lightly soiled grout.

When you are addressing everyday grout cleaning, the best thing to know is that if you use harsh chemicals on your tile and grout, you will weaken your grout. At The Grout Medic, we recommend searching for pH-neutral grout cleaners to use with your weekly cleaning ritual. A quick online search will deliver a plethora of results. In addition to a pH neutral grout cleaning choice, you should choose a very soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth to apply it.

clean grout gently
Clean your grout gently.

Bleach products clean grout that is stained, but beware.

We recommend gentle cleaners and methods to clean your grout. This is not to say that you can never use bleach on small trouble areas, which do not come out with gentle cleaners. There are various store-bought cleaners that are said to be formulated specifically for grout, most of which include bleach or hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient. It is generally safe to use cleaners with those ingredients, but do not bring them into heavy rotation, or use on your entire tiled surface for every cleaning. Another warning about harsh tile grout cleaning solutions is that they can damage more than just your grout. If not fully rinsed away, they can discolor your tile and grout, as well as damage your metal bath fixtures. Lastly, when using any noxious cleaning solutions, be sure you have proper ventilation, and do not allow children or pets to come into contact with them.

Our grout cleaning service cleans grout better, safer.

The Grout Medic cleans grout two ways. For very soiled or stained grout, we will apply a pH-neutral pre-treatment. Then, we follow that up with a thorough steam grout cleaning service. Our high-heat, low-pressure steam cleaning system safely and effectively cleans tile and grout – using tap water steam.

What our grout cleaning service does not include is noxious odors, chemicals that could cause contact irritation, and chemical run-off. We also offer grout sealing, which will seal the surface of your grout, and in turn, make it easier to clean.

steam really cleans grout
The Grout Medic’s steam cleaning really cleans grout, really!

What can our grout cleaning service clean from your tile and grout?

Grout itself is so porous, acting as a a veritable sponge. Floors will become stained with dirt, dust, skin oils, and more. Back splashes can suffer messy food and drink spills, like tomato sauce and coffee. Showers can get really dirty. Shower grout soaks up minerals from your water, such as iron and lime scale. Baths and showers also become marred with soap scum and skin cells. The cherries on top? Mildew and mold! The Grout Medic’s grout cleaning service can eliminate all those things and more! If it is possible to be cleaned, our steam cleaning service will do the job.

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