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When is it Time to Regrout Your Tiled Surfaces?

Tile surfaces are prone to a lot of wear-and-tear. From heavy foot traffic to harsh cleaning products to excessive scrubbing, it’s no wonder tile floors, bathrooms, and countertops can start to look a little shabby over the years. If you’d like to improve the appearance of a less-than-attractive tiled surface, it’s time to call The Grout Medic for professional tile regrouting services.

Initially, you may consider a complete tile replacement, which is expensive and not usually necessary. In most cases, the tile itself is not actually dirty.  It’s the grout surrounding the tile that has started to break down after years of regular cleaning, creating an unsightly appearance that detracts from the overall aesthetic of your home or workplace.

If you have discolored, cracked, chipped, or missing grout, it’s time to regrout your tile. While you may consider regrouting the tile yourself, the job should be left to a regrouting company with the expertise and experience to do the job right. Otherwise, you may not get the results you’re looking for and could be putting your tile surface at risk for damage.

tile regrouting by The Grout Medic

Expert Tile Regrouting

The Grout Medic is a licensed and insured, professional home improvement company that regrouts tile. Our regrouting specialists are well trained and have the tools to complete the job to the highest quality standard the first time. Whether you have a small home or a large commercial space that needs regrouting, you can feel confident that our team members will achieve long-lasting results that will exceed your expectations.

professional regrouting services by The Grout Medic

During the regrouting process, we safely and effectively remove the grout from your tiled surface without damaging your tiles. Next, we apply new grout for a beautiful result that replenishes the look of your tile while creating a tight seal that prevents water damage. Jobs typically take one day to complete, and your tiled surfaces will look brand new!

The Benefits of Hiring a Regrouting Company

While the primary reason our clients hire us to regrout their tiled surfaces is to improve the appearance of their home or business, there are many other benefits. Regrouting tile has health benefits, extends the life of your tile, and saves you time and money!

By removing the old grout, we are also removing any dirt and contaminants, such as mildew and mold, which can cause respiratory problems in children, seniors, and pets. When we replace the grout with a new application, there is no need for harsh cleaning products that would otherwise be necessary to rid the tile of any contaminants.

Not only will new grout improve the appearance of your tile surfaces, but it will also extend the life of your tile! The new grout seals your tile and protects the regrouted area for years to come.

regrouting by The Grout Medic

Taking on regrouting as a DIY is a tedious and time-consuming project.  At The Grout Medic, we meticulously regrout your tile, saving you time and money. By using our tile regrouting services, you’ll save money that you would otherwise spend on a complete tile replacement. Your tile surfaces will look brand new, adding value to your home or office by making the space beautiful again.

Make sure to rely on the professional grout repair and regrouting experts at The Grout Medic. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!