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How long does grout sealer last?

The Grout Medic recommends that homeowners have their grout cleaned and re-sealed at least once every two years, as grout sealant will eventually wear out over this period of time.

Grout sealer is a protective coating, formulated to penetrate the pores of grout, offering protection against foot traffic, spills, and build-up in shower environments.  We are often asked how often you should seal grout.  To keep your floor grout protected, it really should be professionally cleaned and sealed at least every other year.  Public spaces and high-use showers might require yearly grout cleaning and sealing.  When you notice staining and build-up on your grout, which cannot be remedied with regular cleaning, you will know it’s time to have your grout cleaned and sealed.

How long does grout sealer last?

Grout cleaning and sealing: Before, During, and After

How do you best care for sealed grout?

Harsh regular cleaning can breach the protection offered by grout sealer.  For the longest life, The Grout Medic recommends two cleaning habits.  First, use only a soft sponge or cloth to clean your tile and grout weekly.  Secondly, if you use chemicals to clean your grout and tile, be sure that the cleaner is pH-balanced.  When you clean your grout and tile with harsh household cleaners, you could be damaging your entire tiled surface.  Grout sealer will help make your weekly cleaning easier, as the barrier it creates on your grout surface will keep dirt from seeping in and staining your grout lines.  With properly sealed grout, only light-duty cleaning will be required.

How long will tile grout sealer last?

See the difference our professional grout cleaning and sealing makes.

Will grout lines remain tacky after sealing?

The Grout Medic’s penetrating grout sealer is applied only until it permeates the surface of your grout.  Any excess sealant will be immediately wiped away.  This leaves a thin protective layer of sealer, which will be dry to the touch in about an hour.  Grout sealer should not remain tacky, but has a complete cure time of about 72 hours, at which time it will reach its full protective state.  And while grout sealer is stain resistant, it is never stain proof.  The protective layer can be penetrated by staining agents if they are left on the surface of your grout for a long time.  When cleaned within a reasonable time, sealant will keep stains at bay!

Can some sealed surfaces last longer than two years?

Perhaps you have a tiled area in your home, which is not often used.  Guest bathrooms and other unfrequented areas might not require sealing every two years.  Showers, tub surrounds, and backsplashes, which do not receive cleaning every week, or are only used every so often, could last more than our standard recommendation.  With The Grout Medic’s in-home grout care consultation, we can look at all your tiled areas, and make recommendations for cleaning and sealing in the areas, which require service.

Make sure to protect your tile’s grout by having it cleaned and re-sealed once every two years, maximum. Call The Grout Medic at 866-994-7688 or contact us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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