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Removing Dog Pee From Your Tile and Grout

The Grout Medic’s high-heat steam cleaning will remove any and all discoloring agents from your tile’s grout, including dog pee.

There has been a surge of pet adoptions over the last year.  Many families, who longed for a new pet, took the plunge.  More time at home equated to ample training time, and let’s face it, a new furry family member can be a real morale booster.  With an uptick in dog-owning families, folks are asking, “What is the best tile cleaner for dog pee.”  Because accidents do happen.  If you have a new dog or puppy in your family, The Grout Medic has great news for keeping up your tiled floors!

What's the best tile cleaner for dog pee?

What is the best tile cleaner for dog pee?

The best tile cleaner for dog pee is steam.  Here’s why!

There are many chemical options for cleaning dog pee.  A simple Web search will yield millions of results.  The problem with pet urine is not just the potential for discoloration.  If dog pee is wiped up quickly, it might not leave a stain.  What lingers behind, is the odor.  While up to 95% of healthy dog urine is water, other chemicals therein are the likes of ammonia, uric acid, and various proteins and minerals.  Most homeowners, who have experienced lingering dog pee smell in their homes, note the putrid smell of ammonia.  Enzymatic cleaning solutions are available for this issue.  The problem with these solutions is that they can take some time to remedy strong odor.  Even then, you will likely not be completely rid of the smell.  Warm, sunny spaces on your floor will heat up during the day, wafting the leftover eau de Fido parfum through your home.  These cleaners will require multiple applications, and could produce unsatisfactory results.

steam is the best tile cleaner for dog pee

Steam will eliminate dog pee stains and smells from your tile and grout.

Enzyme cleaners could leave grout discoloration.

As with other grout and tile cleaners, build-up can occur.  Cleaning solutions can seep into the pores of grout, creating unwanted discoloration.  The Grout Medic’s 310°F steam cleaner will blast away stains caused by dog urine and well-meaning cleaning solutions.  The low-pressure steam will go deep to the source of smell to break up and remove odor-causing molecules.  This also applies to other contaminants, such as mildew, mold, and food spills!  If you are searching for the best grout and tile cleaner for dog pee or other odor and stain-causing contaminants, The Grout Medic has the answer.  After cleaning your grout and tile, we will seal your grout to help keep dog pee from penetrating for up to two years!

steam cleaning, grout sealing for puppy pee

Your best bet against dog urine, mildew, and mold is steam cleaning and grout sealing.

No matter what is causing your tile’s grout to stink or appear discolored, you can rest easy knowing The Grout Medic has you covered with professional grout cleaning services. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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