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Grout Color Sealing is Not the Same Thing as Grout Painting

Your grout color can be changed or enhanced, but should not be done so with paint.

Grout painting is a common misnomer. Many of our grout color sealing clients refer to the service as grout painting, but we do not actually use paint to re-color or enhance grout. A simple Web search will also provide evidence of well-meaning DIY-ers giving instruction for painting grout. Paint will assuredly be a messy exploit, but it is not the right choice for more reasons than that. We advise you to entrust your grout color sealing project to the experts at The Grout Medic.

grout painting could be disastrous for your grout and tile
Grout painting could be disastrous for your grout and tile.

Grout Painting vs. Grout Color Sealing

Paint has its uses, but should never go near your tile or grout. Attempting grout painting is one sure way to cause immediate or eventual harm to your tiled surface. Paint is formulated to sit atop surfaces. It is generally not a great idea to use paint in areas that involve tile, such as floors. Paint is not a good solution for changing the color of your floor, whether it’s tiled or not. If you attempt to paint grout lines on your floor, you will find that it quickly deteriorates beneath foot traffic and everyday cleaning.

The same goes for wet surfaces, such as shower tile. You do not want to paint your grout in those areas for much the same reason, but it can be even more detrimental to your tile health there. If you are attempting to paint over stained grout, you could be applying paint on top of grime, mildew, or mold, which should be addressed first. If you are trying to paint over crumbling grout, it will only continue to deteriorate. If you are experiencing cracked or crumbling grout, it’s time to address that problem with grout repair or tile regrouting. Cracked grout should not be covered with paint. As grout deteriorates, it weakens the entire tile installation. It can lead to extensive grout or tile damage, water seepage, and eventual water damage.

Conversely, grout color sealing is the perfect solution for hiding unsightly stains that are not gotten out with professional grout cleaning. It is never a good idea to apply color stain to grout that has not been thoroughly cleaned first. The Grout Medic’s grout color sealing service includes a deep cleaning, followed by sealing. This ensures that the deep-penetrating sealer obtains a proper seal, and eliminates grime, mildew, and mold before sealing. Proper cleaning and sealing also ensure health and longevity of your tiled surface. Our professional grout color sealing will not only make your grout look better, it will extend the life of your grout with a layer of protection against dirt and water penetration.

For the best professional grout color sealing, call a Grout Medic near you. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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