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What is grout haze? How do I remove grout haze?

If you’re experiencing grout haze, it means you didn’t wipe up excess grout in the correct amount of time and this will discolor the surrounding tile.

When we install new tile or grout anywhere in our home, we expect that tiled area to look brand new.  Wiping off excess grout seems an easy enough procedure.  Water, sponge, wipe, repeat – right?  The problem is, grout haze can be masked by the water we use to clean up excess grout.  When the surface of your tile is wet, it appears clean.  When it dries, you might notice the surface has dulled.  If you are lucky, you will notice within the first day or so.  If you re-clean the tile within the first 48 hours, you should be able to rid your tile of grout haze.  If it is left to sit longer, the thin layer of grout can cure and adhere to the surface of your tile.  Not only will it detract from the look of your tile on its own, it can cause a quicker build-up of dirt, which makes your tile look even worse.  Grout haze on tiled floors can show shoe and feet impressions, left behind as people walk across the tile.  Hazy grout residue is not an inevitability, though!  It can be avoided.

What is grout haze?

Grout haze can disparage your tile.

How do I avoid grout haze?

The Grout Medic’s professional tile regrouting service will help you avoid grout haze, left behind by your DIY efforts.  We are well-versed in all types of grout.  Over the years, we have completed thousands of professional regrouting projects.  Our technicians will have your tile looking like new after regrouting, and your tile will be free of the dreaded grout residue.  Many do-it-yourself regrouting projects do not end up with a polished finish, like they would if left to the experts at The Grout Medic.  Avoid the frustration of the dull appearance left by grout residue by calling us for all your grout repair and care needs first!

prevent grout haze

Prevent grout residue by calling The Grout Medic for professional regrouting.

How do I remove grout haze?

Removing the hazy appearance left by regrouting or new tile installation can be very tricky after time has elapsed.  Some types of grout haze are more difficult to remove than others.  Epoxy grout is the toughest.  Sanded grout is easier.  No matter the type of grout residue you are experiencing, removal is better left to The Grout Medic.  The first thing homeowners think of doing is scrubbing the haze off.  The problem with scouring the surface, is that it can cause damage to your tile and to the integrity of your new grout.  Do not purchase industrial-strength cleaners to remove the residue.  This too, can cause lasting damage to your grout and tile.  Some cleaners will adhere to the residue and make the appearance of the grout haze worse.  If you are thinking about mixing up a homemade grout cleaning solution, reconsider.  Even “natural” cleaners can have an adverse effect on your grout and tile.  Call on The Grout Medic to clean your grout and tile to remove grout residue.

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Rely on the local experts at The Grout Medic for all your grout repair and re-grouting needs. Call The Grout Medic at 866-994-7688 or contact us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!