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Why is my grout changing color?

In addition to dirt, grime, dust, and mildew, there are other reasons why your grout is changing color.

You have come here asking, “Why is my grout changing color?”  You are asking, because you have considered the usual suspects.  You know that dirt, kitchen grease and grime, hard water, and pet accidents can cause your grout to change color.  The worst part is, you have cleaned your grout, but to no avail.  What is the phenomenon of clean, yet discolored grout?  The Grout Medic is here to help you determine the root cause of your grout’s discoloration, and offer reasonable solutions.

Why is my grout changing color?

What is causing your grout’s color to change?

Reasons Your Grout is Changing Color

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, you might be surprised to know that your cleaning ritual could be the cause of your grout’s discoloration.  Your grout could be changing color due to caustic chemical cleaning solutions.  Yes, even those marketed specifically for cleaning grout could actually be causing your grout’s dirty appearance.  Ammonia and bleached-based grout cleaning solutions can strip the color from your grout, causing an irregular appearance.  Conversely, cleaning agents might settle into the pores of your grout and act like a magnetic force for dirt and grime, causing a dark, dull appearance.  It’s a common mistake.  When our grout is extra dirty, we tend to purchase stronger cleaners.  Allowing those cleaners to set and/or scrubbing too much can force chemicals deep into your grout’s pores, resulting in discoloration.  The Grout Medic can help!

Is your grout changing color due to cleaning?

Is your grout changing color due to cleaning?

Solutions for Grout That Has Changed Color

If you are experiencing color-changing grout, The Grout Medic offers two great remedies.  Our professional grout cleaning service is perfect for dirt, grime, and mildew.  Our low-pressure steam cleaning machine will dig deep within your grout to gently, yet powerfully extract discoloring agents.  Once your grout is clean, we will apply a protective coat of deep-penetrating grout sealant, which will help combat future staining.  If the color is still uneven, we also offer professional grout color sealing.  If the cause of your grout’s color change is caustic chemicals and harsh cleaning, which cannot be resolved with our grout cleaning service, we offer re-grouting.  Our re-grouting service involves removing all your discolored grout, and replacing it anew.  This highly-specialized service will allow you to hit the reset button on the health of your grout.  The Grout Medic will also finish your regrouting service with a deep-penetrating sealer for ultimate protection from future grout discoloration.

We can fix your grout, which has changed color.

We can remedy your grout that has changed color.

The Grout Medic will remove the discoloring agents from your tile’s grout and show you how to keep your grout looking great for years to come without using caustic chemicals. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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