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Why is my new grout cracking in my shower?

Old or new, cracking shower grout is bad.

There are a few reasons that result in new cracking shower grout. As with any home improvement project, ample care must be taken from the start. When it comes to cracking shower grout, lack of good preparation could be the cause. However, there is another reason your new grout is cracking in your shower.

Cracking shower grout happens for a few reasons.

Often, cracking shower grout begins at the floor-to-wall joints.

If you are experiencing this type of cracking shower grout, it could be due to the settling of your home. Even if your home is not newly built, it can still continue to settle over time. During this process, you might notice cracks along your drywall, as well as grout cracking in areas of floor tiling.

New grout will commonly crack between your shower walls and floor joints.

The Grout Medic offers expert grout repair for old or new grout cracking in your shower. This is not a solution of simply applying new grout on top of the existing. Nor does this process involve applying any type of caulk or silicone filler along the cracks. The Grout Medic strongly advises against either of these measures, because you will not get a proper seal with new grout on top of old grout. Additionally, if you seal a shower grout crack with silicone, you could be sealing water behind your tile, which will aid in mold growth and water damaged tile.

Cracked shower grout repair project by The Grout Medic.

New shower grout can crack if not properly installed.

This goes back to our original statement about poor preparation. Well-trained grout installers, like those you will find at The Grout Medic, will see that your grout is mixed to perfection. This means not using too much water or other additives. If either of these things occur during your tile or grout installation, air pockets will begin to form throughout your grout, resulting in cracks and general erosion.

The Grout Medic fixes grout cracking in showers.
Shower re-grouting project by The Grout Medic

That’s why The Grout Medic is a proponent for doing it right the first time! Every Grout Medic location guarantees their work as licensed and insured home improvement contractors in your state and town.

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Trust the shower regrouting and repair professionals at The Grout Medic for all your cracking shower grout needs. Get in touch with us by filling out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!