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Can I regrout my shower with glitter grout?

To say that glitter grout is trending would be an understatement.

If you have come here looking for information about regrouting your shower or any tiled area with glitter grout, you will be happy to know that it is possible. The key to achieving a proper regrouting result with glitter grout is the same as any regrouting project. First, you must choose high-quality product. It is also better to hire a professional regrouting company to perform the project.

Glitter grout can be used in a shower regrouting project.
Glitter grout can be used in a shower regrouting project.

Glittered grout can be used in new tile installations too.

When choosing tile, the color of grout is always integral in achieving a beautiful aesthetic. And these days, you now have the option to add literal sparkle to your grout lines. And while glitter grout might not be for everyone, it can be beautiful when complementary grout and tile are chosen.

Grout with sparkle and shine can create a one-of-a-kind space.

Pink is on-trend – why not add some sparkle too?

In the age of, “Hi, Barbie,” folks are choosing Barbie™ inspired rooms, and that doesn’t stop with bedrooms or craft areas. With many choices of sparkly grout colors, it is but a matter of time before we are privy to TikTok home tours with pink, shiny grout lines.

Pink glitter would make a great Barbie themed room
Pink glitter would make a great Barbie themed addition.

What are your choices in grout formulas that have glitter?

There are two ways to achieve sparkly grout. One is by purchasing grout additive, which is to be carefully worked into your new grout mixture. While this might seem like a great idea, grout manufacturers have made the process a bit easier for us. To eliminate the worry of improperly mixing grout, you can purchase epoxy grout that has glitter already. Again, for best results, whether it’s a regrouting project or a new tile installation, we recommend hiring a grout and tile professional.

You can purchase glitter grout additive or pre-mixed glitter grout.
You can purchase glittered grout additive or premixed glitter grout.

How should glitter grout be cleaned?

Glitter epoxy grout is a bit easier to care for than the typical sand mixtures. That is because epoxy grout is non-porous and only acquires dirt build-up on the surface. This is not to say that you should use harsh cleaning chemicals. The reverse is actually true. Epoxy grout should be easier to clean if it is cleaned regularly and not left to get heavy build-up. And for extremely dirty epoxy grout, The Grout Medic recommends a professional steam cleaning. Epoxy grout additionally does not have to be sealed, and it is a great grout to be used in showers specifically, as it is waterproof – so much so, it is often used in pools.

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