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Category: Grout

The Significance of Sealing Your Grout

Have you recently purchased or built a new home? If so, congratulations!  Whether you have just moved in to your first home or your fifth, it is always exciting to make yourself cozy in a […]

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Why You Should Never Paint Over Discolored Grout

Painting your tile’s grout is not an effective method of increasing the appearance of your tile and grout. It’s highly recommended to never, ever paint over discolored grout. As it pertains to many do-it-yourself projects, […]

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Why is my grout changing color?

In addition to dirt, grime, dust, and mildew, there are other reasons why your grout is changing color. You have come here asking, “Why is my grout changing color?”  You are asking, because you have […]

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Is cracked grout a problem?

Cracked grout is most assuredly a problem. Failing grout is not only unsightly, but can bring about a plethora of home and family health issues.  First, if you have cracked floor tile grout, which loosens […]

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How Hard Water Leads to More Tile Cleaning and Recaulking

Hard water is…well, hard on your home. Mineral deposits can build up on faucets and in water pipes.  It can also play havoc on your tiled surfaces. If you live in an area with hard […]

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