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Category: Recaulking

This Service Can Allay Tile Water Damage Repair

If your bath or shower has tile water damage, you might be asking yourself how that damage occurred. Tile water damage repair is a core service of The Grout Medic and many of our clients […]

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When Shower Caulking Goes Wrong

This title might read like a feature film.  If this were a documentary, it would be a cautionary tale. Oh, the woe and horror of it all!  While we are not filmmakers here at The […]

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Will new caulk stick to old caulk?

New caulk might stick to old caulk, but it could leave you without a long-lasting watertight seal. When it comes to DIY projects around the home, you might think applying new caulk to be elementary.  […]

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Why Your Shower’s Failing Caulking May End Up Costing You Severely

Failure to remove old, failing shower caulk can result in tile water damage that costs hundreds to repair. At The Grout Medic, we know that shower re-caulking can become a much more dire issue than […]

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Rejuvenate Your Shower in Just One Day with Re-Grouting and Re-Caulking by The Grout Medic

Re-grouting and re-caulking your shower are great ways to transform the appearance of your shower area. Home improvement tasks, especially those concerning tiled areas, can seem burdensome undertakings.  This is true now more than ever, […]

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