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Tag: The Grout Medic

Tired Tiles? Grimy Grout? Let Us Do the Cleaning!

It’s no surprise that the proper cleaning and maintenance of just about anything can prolong its usefulness and life — and tile and grout are no exceptions. The tiled surfaces in our homes and offices […]

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Don’t Replace — Regrout!

Very often the tiled surfaces in our homes or offices begin to look tired and worn not because they’re damaged or dirty, but because the grout surrounding the tiles is discolored, loose, or missing altogether. […]

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4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Maintain the Tiled Areas of Your Home

You’ve gone to the trouble of tiling certain areas of your home and you love the way they look. Your shower stall is sleek and attractive; your kitchen floor is stylish and hardworking. You’ve spent […]

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Don’t Remodel — Repair Your Tile Instead!

Sometimes, as much as we might love our homes, their rooms begin to look old and tired. They’re no longer places in which we really want to spend our time. Older kitchens, more than any […]

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5 Ways to Freshen Up the Look of Your Home With Grout and Tile Cleaning Service

Your bathroom regularly needs maintenance if you expect to keep it up to snuff, though it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Bacteria and dirt can quickly build up on the tiles […]

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