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How often should you seal grout?

The answer to this question is not black or white.  There are certain tile applications that require more frequent sealing.  How often does grout need to be sealed?

There are a variety of reasons that The Grout Medic recommends different grout sealing frequency standards.  Where is your tile located?  Is it a simple backsplash, or a busy entryway floor?  Is your tile located in a high-use family shower?  All these scenarios and more will dictate how frequently you should seal your grout.

how often should you seal grout?

How often should you seal your grout?

How often should you seal high-traffic grout?

If you are wondering how long you should wait between grout sealing on your high-traffic floors or frequently-used showers, the answer is at least once per year.  However, The Grout Medic recommends sealing those areas every six months.  If you hire us for professional grout and tile cleaning once or twice yearly, that service also includes grout sealing, which will protect your grout from water absorption and embedded dirt and contaminants.

Want to change the color of your grout?  The Grout Medic offers grout color sealing to re-color and protect your grout!

seal grout every year or every six months

Seal your high-traffic shower grout at least yearly

How often should you seal low-traffic grout?

In reference to low-traffic areas, like less-frequently-used guest bathroom floors and showers, you could seal those tiled areas every two years to protect your grout and tile.  If you have a kitchen or bath backsplash that does not often require cleaning, you might consider sealing that grout every 10 years, or even up to 20 years.  It really depends on the amount of everyday cleaning those surfaces require, because regular cleaning with household cleaners will impede the protective properties of your grout sealer.  They might even begin to force dirt particles and cleaning agents into the pores of your grout.  If you notice that your grout is discoloring, it is time for a professional grout cleaning and sealing.

how often should i seal my grout?

Some grout can wait 10 years or more between grout sealing

How often does grout need to be sealed?

How often does grout need to be sealed?Here is a simple breakdown of different areas.  If you notice that your grout is beginning to stain and accumulate contaminants, it’s time for a tile and grout cleaning service, followed by a deep-penetrating sealant.

High-traffic shower grout:  Should be sealed every six months to one year.

High-traffic floor grout: Should be sealed every six months to one year.

Guest bath and shower grout: Should be sealed every year or two, depending on frequency of use.

Backsplash grout: Backsplashes in high-traffic areas should be sealed once yearly on average.  For less-used areas, backsplash grout might require sealing every two years.

Counter tops: Kitchen countertops should be sealed every six months to one year.  The same for high-traffic bathrooms.  Guest bath areas might require sealing less frequently depending on usage.

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